Our 2020 Course Timetable Is Now Complete

Our 2020 Course Timetable Is Now Complete Hey Everyone Hope You're Well We have now completed our Course Timetable for all of 2020. Once again we have added even more qualifications this year. Check out the entire 2020 Brochure…
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2018 Course Dates

2018 Course Dates Check out all of our Course Information including dates for 2018 by clicking the logo below    
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Sickly Sweet: Prevalence and Diagnosis of Diabetes

Diabetes is a growing problem.  More people than ever before are being diagnosed and as Personal Trainers, we have an opportunity to help this population of clients who are often left without help or hope!   SO......last weekend…
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It's Your Journey

It's Your Journey I was out for my Run this morning thinking about what I was going to write about today. All sorts of Ideas were floating around my head. I decided to write about what I have learnt in my 16 Years in the Health and Fitness…
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Professional Integrity and Ruffled Feathers

Professional Integrity and Ruffled Feathers   Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all from everyone at Platinum Training Institute :D   My first blog of 2017 for PTI was going to be about the top 5 fitness…
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Think Snoozing is Losing? Think Again!

Does anyone nap? The value of napping: A brief overview Napping isn't just for babies and older adults, napping is for anyone who wants to improve their productivity and get MORE done in the day. I know, this sounds counterintuitive,…
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6 Weeks to Hell and Back

HELL AND BACK - 6 Weeks to Go Nitty Gritty Time. I can't believe that it is only 6 Weeks until Hell and Back. Just to remind everyone exactly what I will be going through check out the video below. To be…
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To Hell and Back - 8 Weeks to Go

HELL AND BACK - 8 Weeks to Go This week was definitely the worst week of training by far as I suffered a back injury during one of my sessions. As I was completing my first set of Deadlifts my hand slipped on the 12th rep. This resulted in…
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To Hell and Back - 9 Weeks to Go

HELL AND BACK - 9 Weeks to Go Hey Guys Not Long to go now. 9 Weeks and counting. I have stepped up the number of training sessions that I normally do this week, I completed 11 sessions in total and am feeling awesome. Over the next…