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Primitive Functional Movement® Instructor Course – Level 1

We will be hosting the Primitive Functional Movement® Instructor Course – Level 1 by WTA Functional Training on February 25th and 26th 2023. This will take place in our offices in Queen’s University PEC Belfast.



When undertaking a training program, there are essentially two common mistakes that can be made:

  1.  focusing on physical-aesthetic qualities such as Hypertrophy or Weight-loss, or on physical-performance qualities such as the Force, the Resistance, the Speed, ​​or the Power, without having first undertaking a program of postural rebalancing that necessarily passes from Joint Mobility and from the capacity to perceive and manage the basic movements of the body in space;
  2. trying to use sophisticated machines or the latest fashion equipment without first being able to train free-body.

To these errors we can add a third, which regards the confusion between Stretching and Joint Mobility. Traditional stretching focusses on the sectoral elongation of a specific muscle.

In contrast, Functional Joint Mobility that is trained through Primitive Functional Movement® acts on the restoration of the neutral position of the joints, with a combined work both from the inside (joint decompression) and from the outside (global myofascial de-tensioning), and on the recovery of the body’s functionality during all its possible motor movements (restoring the full R.O.M. and the force in the stabilisation of the joints’ physiological bases through a multi-joint and proprioceptive strengthening workout).

Primitive Functional Movement® is a System of free-body functional training that puts the individual back at the centre and, even before giving them an external workload, ensures the rebalancing of the postural structure through an essential work of liberating the joint fulcrums of movement of the human body (through global joint mobility together with joint stabilisation and bodily proprioception).

Primitive Functional Movement® is based on a series of sequences of movements that are executed primarily on the ground so as to have the possibility of using the floor as a means of developing the exercises in maximum safety and efficacy. The constant contact with the ground, in fact, allows a continuous search for Joint Mobility and Stabilisation of the Joints (in particular, of the Spine, the Hips, and the Shoulders), fundamental for the improvement of the conditions of Health and Physical Capacity of everyone, whether they are Athletes or not.

It is a Training System that allows all the structural components of the body to be trained in an optimal way to generate a safe and efficient movement: therefore, it involves not only the Muscles, but also the Joints, the Tendons, the Ligaments, and, not least, the Connective tissue that constitutes the Fascia and gives life to the Muscle Chains. This results in an improvement, not only of Joint Mobility and Proprioception, but also of Coordination, of Reactivity and, therefore, also of the Force, the Speed, and the Power.

Working on the ground, moreover, allows less freedom of movement than is typical of working from standing, for which the body is immediately in conditions of Stress. In this way, by executing the exercises in appropriate sequence, this system also allows you to have excellent results in terms of the improvement of both Aerobic and Muscular Resistance.

Structured in an appropriate way, Primitive Functional Movement® is an instrument that can be used by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical constitution, and that can meet any objective, whether it be: Aesthetic (Fat Loss, Hypertrophy, Toning), Health (Rehabilitation and Prevention, improvement of the Posture), or Functional (Athletic Preparation).

Primitive Functional Movement® enables you to reclaim your capacity of total movement, reinvigorates the body, and renders it more Healthy and Functional!


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