Body Image

Body Image and Improving Your Relationship with Food

Social media is vastly integrated within many areas of our lives from personal, business and networking viewpoints. The influences can be both positive and negative. In this presentation I discuss the negative impact it may have on our body…

Low Calorie Sweeteners

The use of artificial or low-calorie sweeteners remains a controversial topic within the realm of food and nutrition. Questions around their safety and associations to cancer, type 2 diabetes and other cardiometabolic diseases are never…

Programming Considerations for Female Athletes

Training considerations for female athletes is a follow on from the webinar on female physiology in sports performance. In this webinar we detail the practical training and nutrition considerations for different types of female athletes. If…

Female Physiology and It’s Impact on Performance

The last taboo in sport. Lifting the lid on the topic that the fitness industry has been skating around for decades, the menstrual cycle. This webinar discusses the impact of female hormones on physiology and the knock on effects that can have…
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Digital De-Clutter

Physical De-Clutter helps to Clear Your Mind, what about Digital De-Clutter? This webinar discusses tips and tricks for de-cluttering digitally and helping to take back your attention, focus and mood.

Online Seminar – Recorded on August 2nd 2020

Recorded on August 2nd 2020 - Nutrition Strategies for Making Weight and Strength – Speed and Power Sports - Common Movement Myths - Athlete Needs Analysis - The Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health Conditions

Nutrition Strategies for Making Weight + Strength – Speed + Power Sports

Nutrition Strategies for Making Weight and Strength - Speed and Power Sports was recorded as part of the LIVE Seminar on August 2nd 2020

Validity, Reliability and Appropriateness of Fitness Testing

With fitness testing, an often overlooked part of the exercise professional’s job description, it can have a detrimental effect on client progress, motivation and goal setting. Exercise professionals may have issues in selecting the correct…

Athletes: Fluid and Electrolyte Requirements

Hydration is key to optimal performance but what factors affect hydration? How can you manipulate your hydration status to enhance performance? This webinar discusses strategies for the general population and athletic clients.