About the BCS course

Hard work and expertise won’t create positive results if clients don’t also change poor behaviors and habits. That’s why, working alongside researchers, industry specialists and personal trainers, NASM’s Behavior Change Specialisation (BCS) was developed. Based on a client’s readiness to change, and leading psychological principles such as cognitive behavioral therapy, NASM created the State of Wellness Influence Model (SWIM). This proprietary model helps professionals create appropriate strategies that will help clients to help themselves. Download more information about the course here.

What will the BCS course include?

The NASM Behavior Change Specialisation (BCS) provides the tools and knowledge needed to help clients make the necessary changes for success. Critical communication skills, along with lifestyle and behavioral coaching strategies, help clients create lasting, positive change and achieve their goals.

How is the BCS course delivered?

The BCS course is delivered online.


Online exam