The Level 3 Award in Designing Exercise Programmes for Older Adults is an classroom based qualification with, aiming to develop understanding of exercise design for older adults and the considerations based on health and adapting exercises for their specific needs. The qualification is based around two Units assessed via a case study portfolio, assignment and worksheets.

Unit 1 – Physical Activity and health considerations for the older adult

This unit will cover the effects of ageing on the UK population and the physiological and biomechanical changes of the body as we become older.  You will gain knowledge of the considerations when participating in exercise at an older age and the effects on the bodies systems. Gain an understanding of the medical factors during older age and the implications of specific medicines on the body. Outline the contraindications of exercise at an older age. Motivation and communicational skills required to work effectively with the older population.  This Unit is assessed through a worksheet and assignment marked by your tutor during the course.

Unit 2 – Design and adapting exercise programmes for the older adult

This unit will cover screening activities, collecting client data, recording information and selecting appropriate activities based on specific considerations. You will cover applying the principles of training that are suitable for older adults. You will look through managing specific risks during physical activity. You will look at how to design a progressive and safe programme for a client. This will be assessed through a case study of a client and some worksheets.

This course is a fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge and build your professional development, as well as increase your potential base. If you have an interest in training older adults (persons over the age of 55) or just want to expand your knowledge then this course will help develop a clear understanding of the considerations based on the individual client.

Level 2 Gym Instruction

Units are assessed via a case study portfolio, assignment and worksheets.

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