Level 4 Qualification in Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation

In the past it was assumed that the best advice to give anyone diagnosed with cancer was to rest as much as possible. However, research has shown that too much rest may result in loss of stamina, muscle tone and bone strength. As with other long-term conditions such as cardiac disease, diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease it is time to provide cancer rehabilitation as part of a cancer care package and make a policy shift towards recommending physical activity during and after cancer treatment.

CanRehab believe there is a growing awareness among many health professionals that by prescribing exercise to patients living with cancer they can not only reduce the side effects of cancer treatment but may also reduce the risk of the cancer recurring.

The knowledge you will gain by completing the Level 4 Qualification in Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation will enable you to confidently and professionally deliver safe and effective exercise classes and individual exercise programmes to clients living with cancer.

CanRehab believes that it is vitally important that to aide recovery and quality of life, all cancer patients are given the correct advice by professionally trained instructors, able to design and adapt a physical activity programme for each individual patient. On completion of this qualification you will be a recognised specialist exercise instructor in cancer rehabilitation and will be able to actively assist and encourage your clients living with cancer on their road to recovery.

The CanRehab Level 4 Qualification in The Level 4 Qualification in Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation will teach you to design, agree and adapt a physical activity programme to aide cancer rehabilitation for your clients or patients living with cancer.

The course consists of 28 hours of teaching over 4 days and will also require you complete approximately 100 hours of independent study. To enhance self study, you will be provided with an educational manual and a practical DVD to be used alongside the taught module.

On completing this qualification you will:

  • Understand the causes of cancer, current cancer treatments and the side effects relevant to exercise prescription.
  • Be familiar with the most recent evidence on the effects of different exercises on specific cancer types and specific side effects of cancer treatments.
  • Confidently prepare a reliable and effective system of communication and information gathering with clients and health professionals.
  • Be capable of carrying out a risk assessment, exercise testing and prescribing personalised exercise programmes for each patient/client living with cancer.
  • Be able to deliver safe and effective physical activities with patients/ clients living with cancer.


On completing the course you will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Theory exam will include multiple and short answer papers based on the course manual and presentations.
  • Case study: you will be required to write a case study on a client living with cancer.
  • Practical viva: you will demonstrate the screening and adapting of your exercise programme for the case studies used in the course

SkillsActive has awarded 20 CPD points for this qualification.