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Bio-Mechanics Workshops

Bio-Mechanics Workshops Intrinsic Biomechanics Workshop  Nov 16th 10-4pm Do you have clients who struggle with range of movement in their squat? Maybe your clients struggle to plank, down dog or roll down? Wish you knew why their…
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Frozen Shoulder can last 5 Years - What?

Frozen Shoulder can last 5 Years - What? I found out in November 2017 from a Physiotherapist that I have a Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis). I didn't really know too much about what that was so I decided to write this blog.   What…
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2018 Course Dates

2018 Course Dates Check out all of our Course Information including dates for 2018 by clicking the logo below    
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It's Your Journey

It's Your Journey I was out for my Run this morning thinking about what I was going to write about today. All sorts of Ideas were floating around my head. I decided to write about what I have learnt in my 16 Years in the Health and Fitness…
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Top 5 Tips for budding Personal Trainers

Top 5 Tips for budding Personal Trainers     I was speaking with a student before class last week about some important things to consider when starting your own PT business - specifically Mobile PT, but some advice, rules…
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Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself  Training can be a Challenge when you hit a plateau. It can become stale and even boring unless you have a reason to train. I found this out last year.  I got sick of training. To be honest I was bored, just going…
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Professional Integrity and Ruffled Feathers

Professional Integrity and Ruffled Feathers   Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all from everyone at Platinum Training Institute :D   My first blog of 2017 for PTI was going to be about the top 5 fitness…
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Think Snoozing is Losing? Think Again!

Does anyone nap? The value of napping: A brief overview Napping isn't just for babies and older adults, napping is for anyone who wants to improve their productivity and get MORE done in the day. I know, this sounds counterintuitive,…
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6 Weeks to Hell and Back

HELL AND BACK - 6 Weeks to Go Nitty Gritty Time. I can't believe that it is only 6 Weeks until Hell and Back. Just to remind everyone exactly what I will be going through check out the video below. https://youtu.be/SoamosjgeZA To be…