Low Calorie Sweeteners

The use of artificial or low-calorie sweeteners remains a controversial topic within the realm of food and nutrition. Questions around their safety and associations to cancer, type 2 diabetes and other cardiometabolic diseases are never…

Programming Considerations for Female Athletes

Training considerations for female athletes is a follow on from the webinar on female physiology in sports performance. In this webinar we detail the practical training and nutrition considerations for different types of female athletes. If…

Female Physiology and It's Impact on Performance

The last taboo in sport. Lifting the lid on the topic that the fitness industry has been skating around for decades, the menstrual cycle. This webinar discusses the impact of female hormones on physiology and the knock on effects that can have…
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9 Hours Treading the Water

Check out Lee's upcoming challenge Health First  Team PTI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hQ4-A9dc5k

Last Episode of Season 2 Podcast

Join Naomi in our Season 2 Finale as she chats with Platinum Training Institute owner Lee Havern about how the digital landscape can clutter our mind, steps to take towards your own digital de-clutter and how to control your own digital space. They…
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Our NEW PTI Diploma in Health and Fitness - Starting October 2021

Our NEW PTI Diploma in Health and Fitness begins in October 2021. Check out the YouTube video below for more information or email info@platinumtraininginstitute.com Health First Team PTI

Our NEW Timetable for 2021-2022 is Now LIVE

Hey Everyone Hope You're Well Our Full Course Timetable for September 2021-June 2022 is Now LIVE. This also includes our brand new PTI Diploma in Health and Fitness which starts on October 4th. Check out the Entire Course Timetable by…

Low-Intensity Activities That Burn Calories and Alleviate Stress

Low-Intensity Activities That Burn Calories and Alleviate Stress Today's current circumstances have made it difficult and worrisome for many to visit the gym, which can expose them to health risks for an extended period of time. Thankfully,…
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Digital De-Clutter

Physical De-Clutter helps to Clear Your Mind, what about Digital De-Clutter? This webinar discusses tips and tricks for de-cluttering digitally and helping to take back your attention, focus and mood.